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‘I overthink’ – Guardiola threatens to play 12 players vs Atletico



Pep Guardiola has made fun of accusations that he overthinks his tactics in key Champions League matches by joking he will play with 12 players against Atletico Madrid on Tuesday night.

Although Guardiola has guided City to three Premier League titles, four League Cups and one FA Cup, he is yet to taste glory in Europe with the Citizens.

There has been criticism over the years of Guardiola for overthinking his tactics when his team faces big matches in the Champions League.

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Guardiola was criticised for not starting Rodri or Fernandinho in last season’s final defeat to Chelsea, while fingers were also pointed towards him the previous year as they crashed out to Lyon in the quarter-finals.

Speaking at a pre-match press conference before they face Atletico Madrid on Tuesday, the Spaniard said: “In the Champions League always I overthink. New tactics, tomorrow you will see a new one.

“I over think a lot, that’s why I have very good results in the CL. Would be boring if I always played the same way. If people think I play the same against Atletico and Liverpool, I don’t like.

“The movements are different, the players are all different with different personalities. That’s why I overthink and create stupid tactics. Tonight I take an inspiration and I’m going to do incredible tactics tomorrow. We play with 12 tomorrow!”

On Atletico Madrid potentially using the ‘dark arts’ to beat City, Guardiola added: “We have to do the same, defend our position. It’s part of the game. Southampton in the cup when we concede we played terrible. I’m not going to judge what they do, analyse what to do to get a good result to go to Madrid next week.

“What is playing ugly? My team won in Old Trafford 1-0 and Bernardo Silva spend five minutes in the corner, that is not ugly. It’s defending the position. I’m here to talk about what we try to do, I never judge the opponents. What they do, what we have to do to win.”

On how no away goals rule changes their preparation, Guardiola continued: “We were out three times on away goals. Unfortunately now is changes, influence is less. We are going to play to win, high intensity to create chances and in Madrid the same. We are going to have success or go out.

“We adapt to the rules, all the time we’ve tried to win. When you are out because they score away you can’t score. 5-5 you are out because they score three and you score one. Always, ‘oh my god’, a pity. Now it’s not a debate. Try to play the game best as possible.”


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