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Mailbox: Man Utd only have three physical players



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Man Utd can’t tackle or won’t tackle
I have to say week in week out I find myself agreeing with what Rangnick says, let’s be honest most non-blinkered fans can see it too but I respect him for saying it and not the usual boring defence of a team failing. United are weak physically and mentally. Since refs allowed tackling back into the game United have TANKED and it’s easy to see why – Ronaldo the greatest header of a ball ever hasn’t won a header outside the box all season, doesn’t even try and forget tackling, Bruno doesn’t tackle, Pogba can’t sprint or tackle, Sancho not the hardest grafter, Rashford, Martial, Fred, Dalot. In fact the only payers with any physicality are McTominay, Shaw and I guess slabhead (who can’t run).

I can see what Ralf says about signing players who see United as a step up the way Liverpool bought Mane, Salah, Robertson, Virgil etc. But we have done that – Wan Bissaka, Schneidelin, Dalot, Maguire, Telles etc. Hasn’t worked out too great.

I think look closer to home, use the youth set up that’s doing great things by all accounts. We’ve arguably had more success with those coming up through the ranks – McTominay, Elanga, Henderson (potentially), Garner, Lingard and Rashford have had their moments. Give Mejbri, Shoretire, Hugill – least they’ll put the effort in which has to be the starting point for United right now sadly.
Dave Teacake


Musings on Spurs v Newcastle
…no doubt the right players will get the right praise/condemnation but there are a few players I feel need a quick shout after a fantastic win for the Spurs!

* It’ll probably get said elsewhere, but if any PFM thinks the game has got less physical, just watch Romero, jeez, I could watch him crunch into tackles all day long.

* Lucas and Stevie B may not get much game time but they are such an important part of the squad, Paratici needs to pull out a charm offensive to make sure they don’t seek a move away; we’re constantly told football is a squad game, two players for every position etc etc, Fabio, keep that in mind!

* Although if he can sign us a free-kick merchant that’d be great. Sure, Kane scored one in 2014, and Dier in 2016, but if that’s all the success you need to get the job then I’m fairly certain even my old man could get the gig. Sonny takes the corners, why not try him on free-kicks too?

* Don’t you dare make me dream Antonio, don’t you dare!
Jerome, Bristol Spur


Man City wins don’t hurt Man United
In answer to MAW’s question in the morning mailbox, it’s quite simple; everyone else is a rival, Liverpool are the enemy. I’d rather City win 10 in a row than Liverpool win 1, I’d hope they felt the same about us!

The thing is, City’s successes can be brushed off. Firstly, the funding of the club. If Abu Dhabi ever stepped back, then they’re back to being mid table at best. Secondly, they don’t have the fan base, which means they don’t get much column inches. A Liverpool title win would get ten times the coverage a City treble would. Then think about the gulf in the amount of tweets and posts it would get on the socials.

What’s especially galling about Liverpool’s current success is that it’s come about through good management from top to bottom. Over £40m for Brewster and Solanke when Phil Jones has another year on his contract? God I miss the days of them trying to convince themselves that Andriy Voronin or Jermaine Pennant would be the missing piece in the jigsaw…
Lewis, Busby Way


Alisson is brilliant but…
Whilst I completely agree Alisson is one of the best in the world – a lot of people seem to be overlooking the clear offside for that Watford ‘chance’ on Saturday before Jota scores.

When the through ball comes the player is half a yard off, thanks, mainly to Van Dijk and Matip’s excellent line.

The real winner there is, unbelievably, the rule of not putting the flag up immediately – as the save from Alisson then allows the quick counter.

But as for the ‘could be behind, now one nil up’ it’s nonsense. The reality is, could have a freekick, now one up.

Sky ignored it on Saturday. It’s a nice story though, eh?


On Neville and Arteta
Good article from Matthew Stead regarding Gary Neville’s nonsense about Arsenal. I would take issue with the headline though. The last thing we want is more Gary Nevilles.
Aidan Boyce, Wexford

Let’s all laugh at Everton
I’m not saying its been a long time since Everton last scored at Stamford Bridge but….

Christian Eriksen has scored there, moved to Italy, scored a hatrick, won Serie A, died, come back to life, returned to the PL and scored there again in between then and now.

Happy Monday Toffees!
Andy West CTID


Blame the monarchy
I’ve been saying this for years but we live in a Capitalist Dictatorship. Democracy is simply an illusion to give us proles the feeling that we matter. Football is the perfect example of this.

Talking about British history like Tim is, I mean, there is just so much imperialist/oppressive/racist people like that who defend the empire and the monarchy to the death, but why? (and why pretend they’re speaking for everyone?)

The government reports to the queen:
A queen that is never interviewed or held to account
A queen that gives us options of Boris Johnson or Jeremy Corbyn
A queen whose Crown Estate dominates the financial markets in order to keep her in wealth and power
Until we remove the capitalist dictator in power, you will all continue to be ruled by corporations, at the behest of the queen.

There is no democracy, only corporate values and corporate control.

All the bills go up, I mean why are people so surprised?

Get off your imperial, racist, oppressive high horses and become a republican (not the American one) and start a new movement where we have no oppressive monarchy. We can create a sovereign wealth fund that benefits the country and not just the queen and her cronies.
Fat Man (Monday rant over)


Fanmail for Tim
I appreciate this is a football website, but can someone explain to Tim that the 800 years of British rule of Ireland, including the genocide of the Irish during the great famine is not the same as some apparent slave raiding of the coast of Britain.

For the record, those of us born after the troubles in the North (millennials or generation z) generally don’t feel negative or condone anti British sentiment. We like to see you lose in international football & rugby, mainly due to the narrative that is created around these events. (Footballs coming home) and all that nonsense. Think Roy Keane during the Euros. But lets not pretend there is no history between our countries, or create a false narrative that little old England was pillaged by Ireland some time in the past.
Mark, Dublin


…May I suggest that Tim takes his own advice and read a few history books – and possibly a dictionary – before writing on such false equivalences.
Neill, Ireland


…Quick right to reply please on Qatar and my mail:

* I’m not saying Qatar shouldn’t be criticised. It’s just hilarious coming from the English and those representing them. So long as you are happy for Qatar and the rest of the world to protest the next tournament England host then I’m cool with that. Same rules for everyone. Maybe we can have a retrospective protest for the made-up Iraq war. Remember that one, I don’t recall anyone asking for England to be removed from any sporting competitions. Sound bloke Tony Blair, the bloke whose party you happily voted for? Cool Britannia? Hundreds of thousands of dead. You’ve forgotten than one haven’t you… you’re still benefitting from it… Tony Blair is back trying to influence the country… nothing to see here… just a war criminal happily shaping the direction the country goes…

* Yes you are guilty of your government’s policy. As my mail said. YOU VOTE FOR THESE PEOPLE. You however choose to give more importance to education, taxes, infrastructure and don’t care about your foreign destruction. Perhaps next time an MP calls to your door, ask them if they support British foreign wars and the manufacturing of weapons of huge destruction. Maybe that should be a priority of the British voter? Or just ask them about the potholes on your roads… whatever suits…

* Tim mentions Britain being one of the most tolerant societies in the world. It sure is. That’s why I made the point that this outrage should not be confined to within one’s own borders. The reason you have such a great society is due to the pillaging of nations all around the world. Your entire foundations are built on oppression. Hence why you have statues of Winston Churchill a man hailed only as a hero in England, yet responsible for numerous atrocities around the world. But let’s just focus on WW2, don’t talk about the rest… Sssssshhhhh.

* If the poppy does indeed “commemorate the fallen”, perhaps stop wheeling out the old British WW2 legends (and they ARE legends) as the embodiment of the poppy and give a bit more airtime to those killed by British soldiers. Maybe next time James McLean gets booed for not wearing a poppy, one of the commentators could explain the absolute rock-solid logic for him not wearing it. Perhaps hold those booing him accountable. Or is anti-Irish racism still cool?

I guess it’s just the banality of evil. We are all guilty of it, from eating violently farmed meat, to wearing fast fashion, to owning mobile phones that cost the same as a months wages in the 3rd world. We are all guilty of it. It’s good to take a look in the mirror from time to time.

Suck it up, your past/present ain’t pretty. Don’t waste time defending it. Change it. Vote for a party/person that brings in refugees from the lands you pillaged. Vote for a politician that stops the continuation of the war machine. Dare iIsay it… vote for someone not educated in Eton and is actually a normal human. Or don’t, Your choice. You live in a fabulous democracy.

Peace Out

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