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Mills questions influence of ‘vicious’ Man Utd legend Keane



Danny Mills doesn’t think the opinion of Man Utd legend Roy Keane should always be taken “as gospel” and said that he former midfielder can be “particularly vicious at times”.

The former Leeds defender has particularly pointed to Keane’s recent criticism of Man Utd captain Harry Maguire as an example of his “influence” over supporters’ opinions.

Maguire has been heavily criticised this season for his performances that have contributed towards a poor season for the Red Devils.

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As the club captain, Maguire has also had to shoulder the burden of the team’s performances, fronting up to the cameras on a number of occasions to explain a terrible display.

The negativity towards Maguire was taken to a new level on Tuesday when a number of England fans booed him in their 3-0 victory over Ivory Coast.

And Mills thinks Keane’s opinions could’ve contributed towards the public’s negative feeling towards Maguire and other players.

“Roy Keane has massive influence, unbelievable,” Mills said on talkSPORT’s Kick Off show. “Roy Keane says it, it’s gospel.

“I think when Roy Keane speaks we all sit up and listen. I think he’s got huge gravitas in the game, for what he’s achieved, for what he’s done and everything he’s gone through and achieved in the game.

“You do have to listen but he can be particularly vicious at times.

“If Alan Shearer, Ian Wright or Jamie Redknapp says that we just go ‘okay, that’s their opinion.’ But when Roy Keane says it, everyone goes ‘that’s the right opinion because Roy Keane has said it.’

“How many times have these people seen Harry Maguire play for 90 minutes? They’ll have seen snippets and they’ll have heard comments from Roy Keane everywhere no matter what.

“No matter how he’s played, if Roy Keane says he’s had an absolute shocker and it’s disgraceful and he’s had a stinker we all go ‘well, he has done’, even without watching the game ourselves and going through it.

“We listen because it’s Roy Keane and he’s spoken so without seeing it as ourselves we take his opinion as gospel. Maybe we shouldn’t do that.

“Then you get memes, then you get social media and trolls and everything else comes into it and it does influence opinion.”


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