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Throwback: Ronaldinho teaches teen Messi unreal elastico skill



Lionel Messi was always destined for GOATdom, but it certainly helped him to have football grandmasters like Ronaldinho to learn from in his formative years at Barcelona, as brilliant footage of the Brazilian teaching a teenage Messi how to do a rabona-elastico skill shows.

Attempting such a move would instantly see most of us fall flat on our faces, but for Ronaldinho, such things came naturally.

As proof of how difficult the skill is, four of the La Masia youth team players – some of the most talented youngsters on the planet, let’s not forget – attempt it and fail miserably.

Then it’s Messi’s turn and, well, you can guess what happens. Messi steps up and flicks it perfectly around his leg and then forwards past Ronaldinho, showing the grace and poise that we have all become so used to.

See the video of Ronaldinho imparting his wisdom upon Messi here.

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